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¿Buscas una tienda de trofeos en Burgos?

Welcome to Sustain Awards, where our passion for sustainability and elegance has led us to offer exceptional trophies in Burgos, a city that hosts events ranging from the International Folklore Festival to the City of Burgos Basketball Trophy.

Explore our catalog of sustainable trophies, ranging from cups and medals to award plaques, all customized to your needs with our engraving and customization services.

Our trophies are the perfect complement to any event, whether it is a sporting, cultural or corporate event.

trophy store in Burgos
trophy store in Burgos

Unique and sustainable trophies for your event in Burgos

If you are looking for a more exclusive and personalized experience, at Sustain Awards we are ready to turn your ideas into a unique trophy, ensuring that your event will be remembered as a symbol of excellence and environmental respect.

We pride ourselves on our dedication to quality and sustainability, providing exceptional trophies for outstanding events in Burgos. Our commitment to excellence has led us to be a reference in the creation of trophies that not only honor the award recipients, but also align with the values of respect and care for the environment.

Ready for your event in Burgos to feature a sustainable trophy? Contact us today to start shaping your vision and create a truly memorable moment together.

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Our Services

Event trophies Burgos

Event trophies

Each award is a symbol of distinction and personality, with unique details such as inscriptions and logos that stand out in celebrations, meticulously crafted for you in Burgos.

custom trophies burgos

Custom trophies

We transform your ideas into unique trophies, made with state-of-the-art recycled materials to capture the essence of each victory and special moment, all designed in our studio in Burgos.

Corporate trophies Burgos

Corporate trophies

Celebrate success and corporate commitment. Each piece reflects the values and achievements of your team, to make your corporate events in Burgos memorable.

Sports trophies Burgos

Sports trophies

Commemorate every sporting achievement with trophies that capture the emotion of the moment. We offer unique designs that reward dedication and competitive spirit.