Award plaques

We present our eco-designed award plaques, with which you can reward and recognize sustainably and committed to the environment. A classic and timeless award ideal for corporate events or individual recognitions.

The design and manufacturing processes we employ at Sustain Awards are at the forefront of sustainable development. Therefore, the personalized commemorative plaques from Sustain Awards demonstrate a commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

In our catalog, you will find three different original models of award plaques in three different sizes (A4, A5, and MINI), all with a sober and elegant design. These plaques are made entirely from reusable materials and through processes that are respectful to our planet, in line with our environmental philosophy.

It's worth noting their ample surface for customization, ranging from 27.5 x 20 cm to 11.9 x 11.9 cm. You will have the opportunity to engrave your logo, slogan, or text, thus transforming these personalized commemorative plaques into unforgettable trophies that capture the essence of your special moments.

Our personalized commemorative plaques have been part of events for prestigious brands and entities such as La Caixa, Ecoembes, and Bayer, highlighting our experience in capturing the essence of each event and celebration.

In addition to their elegant design and meticulous customization, our award plaques contribute sustainability and ecological awareness to your event, reinforcing and transmitting positive values associated with your brand or company.

Manufactured with reusable materials and using environmentally friendly processes, we reflect your commitment to a greener and more sustainable future.

Let our award plaques tell your story and highlight your achievements in a unique and ecological way. We are here to turn your events into unforgettable and environmentally friendly moments.

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FAQ about

Do you offer custom award plaque services?

Of course, our award plaque customization service is exceptionally versatile and allows you to create a unique piece that captures the essence of your event or award ceremony.

You can choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, and customize the design according to your preferences.

We have a design team with extensive experience in trophy conception and ensure that each personalized commemorative plaque not only reflects the essence of the honoree and the event but also conveys values accurately and elegantly.

By opting for our custom commemorative plaques, you not only receive an exceptional product but also actively participate in creating a unique and environmentally respectful legacy.

What makes your original and unique award plaques?

Our original award plaques are exclusive creations from our design team.

Minimalistic and elegant designs are imprinted on cutting-edge recycled materials, allowing for eco-conscious awards.

The combination of innovative design and sustainability makes our award plaques stand out at every event, making them exceptional choices for celebrating significant achievements.

Do you manufacture commemorative plaques for corporate events?

Yes, we manufacture exceptional commemorative plaques for corporate events of all kinds.

Our commemorative plaques add a touch of distinction to each event, conveying a unique expression of recognition and success.

Customized through the ideas or values ​​you indicate to us, these plaques not only convey a clear message of appreciation towards the awardees but also reflect your company's commitment to excellence and sustainability.