3d trophies

3D Trophies


Bring any idea to life by creating a 3D trophy.

The possibilities are endless and our product design team will help you create the perfect award reflecting the spirit of the event and your corporate image.


3D printing trophies: sustainable development and the cutting edge

  The philosophy behind Sustain Awards means that our team is constantly researching the latest advances in the design and manufacture of sustainable products.

  In this field, 3D printing has been an unquestionable revolution that facilitates experimentation with new designs and materials, creating an ideal environment in which to design and develop new environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. 

  Therefore, at Sustain Awards we have joined this new form of production that allows us to create trophies through 3D printing made with the latest generation of recycled materials, placing us at the forefront of sustainable design.

  In addition, this process allows great precision in the formal application of the design, creating unique objects in which the values you are looking to reward are projected. Our team, which has extensive experience in the manufacture of awards, seeks to ensure that each new idea or project that our clients entrust to us is a faithful representation of all the values they wish to transmit.

impresora trofeo para imprimir


Technological innovation and Sustain Awards

  In one of our most ambitious initiatives to date, Sustain Awards has made a commitment to technological innovation by expanding our services with a sustainable 3D manufacturing workshop.

  As a benchmark in the design and 3D manufacturing sector, we now have machinery with the most modern advances resulting from the combination of experience in the technology sector and material solutions.

  Thanks to the collaboration of professional teams that focus on sustainable development and technological innovation, we are launching our range of 3D printed designs on the market. With the solid guarantees that this initiative is driven by professionals who are benchmark leaders in the sector, with extensive proven experience in analysis and strategic planning towards more efficient, resilient and sustainable solutions.

  This three-dimensional technology is made possible through collaboration and knowledge sharing between teams of experts in materials innovation, advanced technology and digital manufacturing. Research and constant improvement in all production processes, guided by sustainability at all levels, led to the development of this novel solution adapted to the context of the climate emergency. 

  Do not hesitate to contact us to tell us about your award idea, also if you need any information or to clarify a doubt. We look forward to hearing from you. Let our innovative and sustainable technology surprise you with the ideal award for your event. 

Ask us for a budget through our contact form, call us by phone at (+34) 652 971 155, contact us directly by Whatsapp or write us at info@sustainawards.com.

If you want your trophies customized select the option CUSTOM ENGRAVING: YES when configuring your trophy. 


Once you finalize the order our design team will contact you to customize your trophy.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us or call us by phone.

6 Reviews

Empresa profesional, muy satisfecho con el servicio y con la copa.
By Paco Santamaria on 2022-04-18

Trofeos geniales
Sustain Awards es la marca de referencia si quieres entregar unos premios que sean algo más que los típicos que acaban en el cajón. Son trofeos pero también objetos de diseño hechos aquí.
By Pedro V. on 2022-04-16

Trofeos sostenibles
Las profesionales que nos dedicamos a organizar eventos tenemos claro que la sostenibilidad es algo que debe guiar todos los aspectos, porque además es algo que interesa mucho vender a las marcas. Por eso contamos siempre con Sustain Awards cuando necesitamos este tipo de productos.
By Patricia Aznar on 2022-04-13

Un sueño hecho realidad
Color natural de textura mineral y materiales naturales. Muy satisfechos con esta inversión que ha renovado nuestra imagen por completo
By Juan Aguilar on 2022-04-13

Trofeo especial
Merece la pena apostar por soluciones innovadoras con un resultado semejante. Maravilla el resultado, la verdad. Gracias por vuestra profesionalidad.
By José Luis Rico on 2022-03-07

El 3D es el futuro
La impresión 3Dsta tecnología es el futuro. Nos mandaron un vídeo de la fabricación y es impresionante ver la máquina trabajar, cómo fabrica y dibuja el trofeo. Espectacular. Servicio y atención inmejorables.
By Anna Serra on 2022-03-03