Sports trophies

Sports trophies are ideal to recognize values such as effort, dedication and perseverance. A set of qualities that Sustain Awards fully identifies with. That is why we offer you our catalog of sports trophies and cups.

Elegant eco-design sports trophies made with recycled materials. Our awards can also be customizable and designed to fit all those ideas that you want to transmit in your event.

At Sustain Awards we specialize in the manufacture of high quality sports trophies for events of all kinds, from local competitions to international events.

We also have experience in high competition sporting events rewarding elite athletes from many disciplines.

Prestigious organizations such as the ACB, the handball EHF or the Rafa Nadal Tour By Santander have trusted us for their sporting events.

Awarding eco-designed sports trophies is not only a more sustainable option, but also a way to show commitment to environmental care.

Being part of your award ceremonies and contributing to spread these values with our trophies is something that excites and satisfies us enormously.

Buy your sports trophies at Sustain Awards and add environmental awareness to your event!

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FAQ about

¿Puedo personalizar el trofeo para cualquier deporte?

Ofrecemos la opción de personalizar nuestros trofeos para adaptarlos a cualquier deporte o evento.

Ya sea para el fútbol, el atletismo, el balonmano o cualquier otro deporte, nuestro equipo de diseño trabaja estrechamente con los clientes para crear trofeos personalizados únicos y adaptados a sus necesidades específicas.

De igual forma, puedes contactarnos para crear trofeos únicos de fabricación a medida para tu evento. Nuestro equipo de diseño dará forma a tu idea para dar con el trofeo ideal para tu competición deportiva.

Además, nuestros materiales sostenibles y de alta calidad garantizan que su trofeo deportivo personalizado sea duradero y respetuoso con el medio ambiente.

Do you manufacture sports trophies for high competition?

Yes, at Sustain Awards we manufacture trophies for high competition events. Our trophies are ideal for recognizing the achievement of elite athletes in disciplines such as fencing, basketball, tennis and many more.

We offer a wide range of sports trophies, designed to meet the specific requirements of each event and manufactured with high quality sustainable materials.