Trophies for events

Taking sustainable development as the foundation of our philosophy, at Sustain Awards we have created a range of trophies for events that convey a message of commitment and environmental awareness.

To this end, we apply eco-design criteria and use recycled materials and low environmental impact processes in the manufacture of elegant and minimalist trophies for sustainable events of all kinds.

Our awards are recognized for their sober designs, conceived on clean lines of marked character. Our team is at the forefront, not only in sustainable manufacturing processes but also in style and design.

In our catalog, you will find commemorative plaques, medals, and cups with extensive customization possibilities to convey that special message of your awards ceremony.

If you are looking for your awards ceremony to stand out with an exclusive trophy, our team of experts can design a trophy adapted to the needs of your event.

We have extensive experience in all types of events, from cultural and institutional to sports or corporate. Renowned organizations such as Deloitte, La Caixa, and Ecoembes have trusted Sustain Awards as a reference partner in designing the trophies for their events.

Bring ecological awareness to your event with the sustainable trophies from Sustain Awards!

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FAQ about

How can I be sure that the personalized trophies I buy are sustainable?

At Sustain Awards, we guarantee that our personalized trophies are sustainably manufactured through careful selection of renewable materials and efficient production processes.

In addition, we work with suppliers that meet our high ethical and environmental standards to ensure that our awards are as sustainable as possible.

On each of our event trophies you will find an eco-label describing the materials and manufacturing processes used, as well as CO2 emissions and other relevant data.

Our personalized trophies are a guarantee of eco-design and sustainability.

When will I receive my personalized trophy if I order it today?

The turnaround time for your custom event trophy will depend on the level of customization.

In general, we can offer quick turnaround in as little as 48 hours for standard designs, while more customized projects can take up to 3 weeks.

Contact us for an accurate estimate based on your specific requirements.

Why I need a trophy for my event?

When we give a trophy, we want that person to feel especially rewarded for his or her achievements. That they perceive that the contribution they have made, in whatever way, is valued by the rest of the people.

The best way to achieve this is by creating a personalized trophy for that particular occasion either by engraving or custom design. With the inscription of a phrase or a motif, we will be telling that person exactly what we want to convey.

We can be as emotional as we want, it is a unique moment that will be captured forever in the award given. Historical quotes, humorous jokes, compliments... there are countless ways to express the admiration and recognition that comes with the award.

Nothing better than giving personalized trophies to make your event unique!