Sustainable motorcycle trophies, yes, you read that right. At Sustain Awards, we innovate to provide eco-design award solutions for all sectors, including motorsports. Over the last decade, the automobile sector has been innovating towards a transition to electric mobility less dependent on fossil fuels. It is true that this is not a panacea, conditioned by multiple factors and whose implementation is progressive. However, it is worth noting, for example, that this transition is also moving to motorcycle competitions with the emergence in 2019 of the MotoE World Cup, the electric equivalent of MotoGP.

Therefore, in response to the transformation of the sector, at Sustain Awards we have developed a line of customized motorcycle trophies with the same commitment to minimal environmental impact as the rest of our production. With the spirit of accompanying motorsports to responsibly award the champions of the various categories.

Motorcycle race winner trophy

The motorcycle is synonymous with freedom, adventure, adrenaline, and speed. It also represents control, skill, agility, and cunning. Just like other sports disciplines, riding a motorcycle with mastery requires innate qualities, as well as training. Hours of effort and dedication, both on the track and in the gym. Falls, recoveries, injuries, and accidents... The path that motor athletes travel is constantly associated with danger and risk. They are accustomed to developing their activity in demanding contexts that force them to give their best to overcome each obstacle, improve, and progress.

Therefore, a trophy for the winner of a motorcycle race is a great opportunity to recognize all these values. A fantastic occasion for athletes to be an example for others, to stimulate society to improve at all levels.

If you are organizing a competition, do not hesitate to consult our catalog. Here you will find fantastic designs among which you can find your ideal motorcycle race winner trophy.

Furthermore, if you are thinking about having your motorcycle trophy custom-designed to best fit the image you want to convey of your brand or organization, we offer our designs for custom trophies. A solution that provides a unique and unforgettable value to the race and that remains in the memory of the awarded riders.

motorcycle trophies

Funny phrases for motorcycle trophies

Originality is great for giving your award a different and unique touch that captivates the recipient. Therefore, if you are thinking of including funny phrases for motorcycle trophies, we encourage you to search for ideas that can inspire you. Here are some key tips:

  • You can think of some characteristics of the circuit to make a nod to it, whether it is especially complicated, has many curves, is dangerous, etc.

  • Make a joke about the city hosting it, about its weather or the personality of the locals, for example.

  • Look for any other idea that can be associated with the competition or the world of motorsports in a fresh, different, and original way.