Workplace recognition is one of the examples of why it is important for the worker to feel valued by the company. Highlighting the beneficial aspects of individuals and teams for the organization is a way to use positive psychology.

This is a practice to improve the well-being of employees and foster a healthy work environment, with the goal of achieving business objectives.

trophies as a company incentive

Examples of workplace recognition plaques

Positive aspects of individuals such as creativity, humor, or resilience, among others, contribute to collective progress. People who possess any of these qualities make those around them better. Therefore, within companies, one of the key aspects of positive psychology is the recognition of these qualities.

In this regard, within this strategy of companies to value the contributions of their employees, a great action is to deliver workplace recognition plaques. The idea consists of engraving a personalized message on a support, which highlights the value of that person or human group.

The tone of the message depends on the character of the organization or the event, from formal to spontaneous and original, even humorous. Below we give you some ideas for delivering workplace recognition plaques in your organization:

  • The most collaborative person or team
    On many occasions people work under pressure and it is always appreciated when a colleague shows their willingness to help. This type of workers stand out for their empathy, for putting themselves in the place of others and trying to find a solution together. A profile of an employee of great value that well deserves recognition.

  • Good humor and conciliation as fundamental values of the work climate
    Beyond those funny people who tell good jokes or have a special gift for telling stories, which are also important, we can highlight those who have a conciliatory character. In human groups, it is common for tensions to arise due to the diversity of points of view and personalities. Therefore, having positive assets such as conciliatory workers, who in complicated moments show a good face and find common points to solve situations, deserves to be highlighted.

  • Creativity as a standard
    There are people who see reality through a unique prism that the rest cannot see. Workers who contribute different, original, and unique solutions that make a difference for the company. Creativity is also a value that is worked on. Therefore, an organization that publicly recognizes this quality, makes that person or human group continue to improve their creativity to contribute to business success.

  • Resilience, the perfect award for the company
    The resilient worker is the perfect employee. A concept that combines the qualities of the three previous points: they are positive and realistic people, constructive, who collaborate, capable of accepting criticism, and with a sense of humor. It could be said that resilient workers are a perfect fit in every way. If you have an employee or a team like this, do not hesitate to recognize it.

We hope these examples help you recognize and value the role of workers in the organization. A satisfied and aligned human team will make it easier to achieve collective goals.