Participation trophies are a reward for personal achievement. Simply being part of a competition and giving our best already says a lot, and well deserves an award. You don't need to be a champion to win, to progress, evolve, and become better. "The important thing is taking part," a phrase that seems a common platitude repeated endlessly to console those who don't achieve victory. But often, in simple concepts lies the truth. Because what really matters is the journey, the learning, growing at every step, whether in sports or any other challenging scenario. It is appreciated when someone externally recognizes this, for example, with a commemorative trophy that reminds us that participating is a great triumph.

Memorable Participation Trophies

Participation trophies in a competition, contest, or any similar event are a necessity to consider when planning its organization. Participants give their best in the competition. Especially in the amateur realm, sometimes the effort is even greater because people set aside other obligations, adapt their schedules to attend, perhaps pay a registration fee, travel to the tournament location... Many aspects that from the organization's perspective deserve recognition and reward, for example, with a memorable trophy.

Numerous competitions take place across all territories during the weekends. To give just one example, this calendar from the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation lists more than 30 official events this month, most of them for amateurs. This schedule is for a winter month during a pandemic. The number multiplies exponentially in all sports with the arrival of good weather, starting in the spring.

These figures highlight the passion and love for sports of thousands of people.

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Participation Records in the World's Largest Marathons

If there's one type of competition that gains participants every year, especially among amateur athletes, it's marathons. In Spain, the races with the largest number of runners are those in Barcelona, Valencia, and Madrid. In fact, the Barcelona marathon set a record in the last edition of 2021 with 20,221 participants. Meanwhile, in the last edition in Valencia, nearly 16,000 people ran, and in Madrid, 30,000.

Within the category of World Marathon Majors, the international athletics competition that includes the 6 major marathons of the world — Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago, New York, and Tokyo —, the record is held by New York. At least until today.

In the Big Apple, the 2016 edition gathered about 51,400 runners, the highest participation figure recorded in these major races. The ranking is completed by Chicago, which in 2018 had 44,610 participants; Berlin, that same year, with 40,775 runners; London, in 2016, with 39,487; Boston, in 1996, with 35,868 participants; and Tokyo, in 2019, when 35,460 ran through the streets of the Japanese capital.