Are you looking for a recognition medal model? At Sustain Awards, we are experts in designing custom trophies and medals for your commemorative event. Medals are a special type of trophy that symbolizes recognition of individuals for their contributions to a cause or for their participation in an activity. A fantastic way to value the merit of people's contributions in any professional sector or moment of social life. Here are some examples of recognition medals depending on the reason you wish to award them.

Recognition Medal Models for Companies and Institutions

One of the areas where recognition medals are commonly awarded is in institutional acts or company events.

Within the realm of universities, for example, we find symbols in this sense such as honor medals, merit medals, or honor mentions. These are awards that recognize the merits of individuals or institutions that have stood out for their service delivery, as well as those who have contributed with their effort to progress in the academic field during their professional life.

These symbols are applicable to any other institutional or company sphere. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate into your commemorative act to illustrate your medals and customize them according to your needs:

  • Engrave the institution's logo or any other element of the event's graphic identity.

  • Customize the medal with a phrase or text that defines the reason for the award or identifies the awarded individual.

recognition medal model

Recognition Medals for Sports Events

Sports events are a great opportunity to award medals, both to athletes who have placed in the top positions of the competition and to reward the participation of the rest.

Medals are fully identified with the world of sports, in any of its disciplines. Surely you remember some medal ceremonies during the Olympic Games, for example, with the anthem of the winner's country playing through the speakers and the satisfaction on the athletes' faces for having achieved such significant success.

However, as we mentioned, medals need not only be for individuals or teams who have won or placed in the top three. The classic gold, silver, and bronze medals have become entrenched in the collective imagination, but we can go further to ensure that all athletes have a memento. The effort of the other participants in the competition also deserves recognition. Both in the professional and amateur worlds, athletes dedicate hours of work and consistency to prepare to be in good condition for the competition. For this reason, awarding a participation medal is a great idea to value their work and to give them a reminder of your sports event.