Ideas para colgar medallas

Athletes who participate in tournaments, races, and competitions, both amateur and professional, often receive medals as a merit for their effort in the sporting event. Often, organizations give them out as souvenirs, regardless of whether the athlete has achieved a good result or not. Therefore, you might have a few medals at home that you'd like to organize so they don't end up forgotten in a drawer. Or maybe you have an emblematic medal that you're proud of and would like to display.

Whatever the case, we offer you some ideas for hanging medals that might be useful or even how to make a medal display to your liking. These ideas are something more than just using trophy and medal display cases.

A hanger is one of the best ideas for hanging medals.

A medal hanger is a common solution for organizing tournament awards. They come in all sizes and materials, but if you're a little handy, you can even make one yourself to put on the wall and hang medals in the room. We'll talk about that a little later, about finding a medal rack design to your liking. But if you are curious, feel free to search for information on the internet and get inspired to find the design that best suits your needs and get to work.

Having your medals organized, in addition to favoring the order and that they are not hidden in a drawer, will allow you to remember the achievements you have made in sport. Remembering the triumphs of our past, reaffirming our abilities to improve ourselves, is a way to gain momentum and strength to face future challenges.

A personalized medal hanger

If we talk about the importance of remembering past triumphs to achieve new goals, what better way than with a custom medal hanger. Trophy and medal display cases are common, but a medal hanger is a great solution. On it, we can engrave our name, a motivational phrase that stimulates us and references the importance of sport in our lives or our good qualities as an athlete. Or it can simply reflect the discipline we practice. In any case, here are some sports-related phrase ideas that you could use on your customized medal hanger, should they serve as inspiration:

  • Impossible is nothing: this is a slogan from a well-known sports brand that was used to relaunch its inspiring position in sports. And it succeeded, given that it is a phrase that has become embedded in the collective imagination. But do you know where the phrase comes from? It was spoken by the legendary boxer Muhammad Ali, in a speech encouraging everyone to improve, to change in order to progress because nothing is impossible. Ali is considered one of the best athletes in history, a socially influential figure at all levels.
  • Swim to win: a perfect motto for swimmers with a catchy rhyme ("nadar para ganar" would also work).
  • Marathon man/woman: with the rise in participation in marathons and running in general, more and more athletes would opt for this phrase on their medal hanger.
  • Goal killer: this phrase might sound a bit aggressive at first, but it's a boost to continue with ambition in sports. It can also be used for any discipline where goals are scored: soccer, handball, hockey... And it can be adapted to many others, as many as we want: Basket Killer, Racket Killer... Or change killer to words like master, guru, leader... that invite overcoming.
  • Run for fun: another fun rhyme related to athletics, to approach sports practice with a good vibe, to enjoy and have fun.
  • Never give up: never surrender. It has a similar sense to "Impossible is nothing", referring to not giving up, to continue striving to reach our goals.
  • It's a win-win: in sports, as in business, both parties can win. Because doing sports is good for us, but also for the sport itself as we contribute to its development.
Ideas para colgar medallas

How to make a medal rack

Do you need more ideas for hanging medals and making a medal display? If you're up for making your own DIY (Do It Yourself) or HTM (Házlo Tú Mismo) homemade medal display, there are various solutions, and surely many more because imagination always finds its space to help us design a functional tool. We explain a simple way to create a medal display design with materials that can be found at any hardware store.

Obtain a rectangular wooden board, for example, 50cm x 10cm. Or 50 cm x 20 cm, if you want more space to write a phrase. If you like, you can paint the wood a certain color or leave it natural. Next, screw in some hooks, which could be the typical ones used for hanging pictures. Then, screw or attach the wood to the wall with strong adhesive tape. You would then have a DIY medal display, simple, and customizable to your liking. Here are the materials for your medal display:

  • Wooden board
  • Hooks
  • Paint (if you want to paint or decorate the wood of the homemade medal display)

Time to hang medals in the room

We've already discussed how to make a medal display to your liking, and now it's time to hang medals in the room. To mount the medal display on the wall, you will need to install it securely, as it can be a heavy item and if it falls, it might cause material damage, both to the medal display itself and to other things you have in the room.

To secure it safely, we recommend making a couple of holes in the wall with an electric drill. A 6mm drill bit should be sufficient. Of course, you should also have wall plugs and screws to fix the medal display to the wall. We list the elements of this section so you have everything you need:

  • Electric drill
  • Drill bit (6mm should be sufficient)
  • Wall plugs
  • Broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner to clean up the dirt from drilling
  • Putty in case you need to fill any hole that you've made larger than necessary, for example. It happens to the best of us! Don't panic. Let's get to work!

What is a medal stand without medals?

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