What phrase or text should you engrave on appreciation plaques for work? It depends on the commemorative act, whether it's a retirement, a tribute to a professional, or to the teachers of your child's class. But we offer some tips and ideas.

Tips for Work Appreciation Plaques

In this blog, we regularly provide advice and ideas to ensure that commemorative plaques, trophies, or awards meet the needs of all types of events.

For work appreciation plaques, there are mainly two categories. First, retirement distinctions, which are a classic as a gift and keepsake for such occasions. And on the other hand, recognitions for professional performance. In this case, it is common to reward the trajectory of a person in a company or institution, recognize a specific achievement, or simply thank them for their work.

This latter example is especially common in the education sector. Educational centers, universities, faculties, students, or families thank teachers and remind them of their fundamental contribution with commemorative plaques.

Work Appreciation Plaques

Retirement Appreciation Plaques

"Something dies in the soul when a friend leaves. And it leaves a trace that cannot be erased," sang Los del Río, among other artists who adapted this composition by Manuel Garrido, a historic author of sevillanas and coplas.

This deep feeling when saying goodbye to someone, beyond tragic connotations, can be transformed into a beautiful tribute. Drawing an analogy with farewells to work colleagues who are retiring or leaving the company for any other reason, and we want to thank them for their work, what better than to engrave a plaque with a lovely phrase that recalls them fondly?

The text could be simple and equally moving, simply thanking them for being a coworker:

  • To [Name of the person], in gratitude for all these years at [Name of the company or institution]. Your colleagues wish you the best for this new stage with love. May you be very happy!
  • We have experienced everything in this company, but we keep the good because we shared it with you [Name of the person]. With love, your colleagues. Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!
  • [Name of the person], an example of a great professional committed to their work, we wish you to enjoy your retirement as you deserve. With affection, your colleagues.

A Tribute to Exemplary Professionals

Another of the commemorative acts with which it is common to honor a professional with a plaque is at events to award an achievement in a company or activity, a career, or simply as a thank you for their work.

A professional dedicated to their job will gladly appreciate recognition of their work performance, whatever the field. We dedicate a large part of our life to progressing professionally and receiving recognition in this way, in the form of a commemorative plaque, is appreciated.

We provide some examples:

  • To [Name of the professional], for their achievements in the [Field of activity] + [City, year]
  • To [Name of the professional], for leading us to win the championship
  • The students of [name of the course / educational center], with love and gratitude for their work as a teacher