Fun company awards

Do you need ideas for fun company awards? Recognizing employees' work by the organization is a key factor in retaining and attracting talented people. Human resources teams, also called talent management teams, look for new ways to motivate and create bonds among staff to foster efficient and productive workgroups.

In addition to needing capable employees, successful organizations seek something more to achieve their goals. Companies improve with committed, satisfied employees who feel happy in their work and give their best at every moment.

Original recognition awards for employees

There are various ways to promote productivity within the organization, but today we will discuss an interesting tool to promote and stimulate a good working environment: corporate awards. It is a team-building activity that creates positive bonds among people in a relaxed and trusting atmosphere.

In this activity, the value and role of workers in the company are recognized in an original way, which can be more fun and humorous depending on the organization's character. Employee recognition awards are a great initiative for the company to thank and value the contributions of the teams.

We encourage you to put it into practice, so below we provide some ideas for fun company awards. We give you keys to organizing an original, different ceremony that generates a satisfying experience that employees remember fondly. We hope this guide helps you create an entertaining event, adapted to your organization's reality, where you can present an award or a commemorative plaque with a unique message. A win-win strategy from which both the company and the employees will benefit.

Fun company awards

Fun nominations for workplace awards

Human groups tend to repeat behavior patterns. Therefore, it may be common that in our company, we have a slightly grumpy person, another who struggles to get started in the morning because they are very sleepy, or the one who is always hungry and thinks any moment is good to go to the vending machine to refuel. Not forgetting the one who sends emails non-stop or the one who is constantly making jokes.

Surely you have identified some of these profiles or have been inspired to find some behavior in your organization that is characteristic of a person. You could give them, for example, a commemorative plaque as an award with an engraved phrase explaining what makes them different. The idea would be to highlight representative aspects of each person so that everyone has fun and enjoys a relaxed time.

It's a detail made with tact and empathy, of course, choosing people and their qualities that can make everyone smile, especially the protagonist. If you have doubts about whether the person might feel offended, it's better to think of something else. The best is to do it with sincerity and affection, so everyone perceives it as an affectionate joke among colleagues to have fun and have a good time. If you are not sure if a particular award is appropriate, consult your office colleagues. Maybe you can create a creative team to design the awards and make it an even more collaborative activity.

Funny awards for coworkers

Here are some ideas of funny phrases for employees that can serve as inspiration to adapt them to the reality of your organization:

  • To the Jiminy Cricket of the office, what would we do without you.
    For the person who always gives us good advice or helps us, who has common sense and with whom we can contrast ideas. And when they have to contradict us, they do it for the good of the team.

  • Best Click Shot. Spammer of the year.
    For the one who goes loose with emails, infinite threads, or habitual comments in the form of emails.

  • King of Vending.
    For the person who is always hungry and frequently satisfies their appetite.

  • The early bird gets the office help.
    For the diligent worker who arrives first and performs their job efficiently.

  • Follow the leader
    For the person who takes the initiative and guides the group to achieve collective success.

  • Would have been a singer if it weren't for the voice.
    A classic in many teams, the person who sings beautiful melodies (or not) and makes the workday more enjoyable.

  • The king of comedy, the master of laughter.
    The joker, the funny one, the one who has the knack for telling stories and making comments that brighten the day.

  • Rookie of the year.
    For the newcomer who completes their first months in the office with satisfaction.
  • Pichichi Trophy
    Recognition to the sales team for achieving a certain business figure.

Do you need more ideas for fun company awards? Contact us and we will help you design the awards for your corporate event. As experts in corporate celebrations, we adapt to your needs. You can also visit our catalog of commemorative plaques and custom trophies, made from recycled materials.

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