Can cooking trophies taste like glory? Indeed, they can. This is possible when we talk about awards cooked slowly, with a unique design that enhances and elevates their raw materials to another level. Respecting the product, treating it with mastery and functionality. Awards to recognize the best chefs in the way they deserve.

For chefs to taste the sweetness of success beyond the stoves. That the trophy becomes a pleasant aftertaste on the palate every time they look at it. To convey to them the message that makes them aware of the worth demonstrated in the exercise of their work, of the gratifying feelings it awakens in diners. A set of factors that will make their cooking trophy taste like glory.

Cooking trophies that delight the palate

If you are organizing a cooking contest and want to delight the palates of the chefs, do not hesitate to dive into our catalog, where you will find true jewels of design perfect for meeting the needs of culinary contests.

The master chef trophy you are looking for is waiting among some of the elegant designs of Sustain Awards. Our awards are made with recycled materials and low environmental impact processes. All our products offer customization possibilities to suit the needs of each contest. In our cooking awards, you can engrave the information of the gastronomic event and any detail you wish. Stamp a photo, a graphic motif, or elements that identify the reasons for delivering that master chef trophy.

cooking trophies

Beyond the 3 Michelin stars

Cooking is wonderful, it can transport us to states close to ecstasy. A power close to the supernatural that generates indescribable emotions. There are times when tasting a dish, the magical combination of its ingredients, its perfect cooking point, can be like experiencing an epiphany. Feeling in heaven while sitting at a table. It is an indescribable and overwhelming sensation.

For this reason, it is well worth reciprocating to those capable of providing us with such gratifying experiences with an award to match. In this sense, the design team at Sustain Awards develops custom trophies so that your event enjoys a unique and singular culmination.

Cooking is pure creativity, suggestion, imagination, and so much more. In recent decades, chefs are true rock stars. They are part of our star system, proof of the importance of cooking and food in today's society.

The design of awards travels through the same scenarios, with a similar goal: to achieve excellence and the satisfaction of people. Recognizing the merits of others so that they may serve as an example for other people so that society may improve and evolve at all levels. Awarding the referents in various activities, such as cooking, is enabling a mirror in which we can look to improve our skills in our respective realities.

Do not hesitate to contact us, we would love to be part of your cooking contest trophies.