Sustain Awards has reached an agreement with Reforestum to offset our carbon footprint through a certified reforestation project. In this way, we reaffirm our commitment to the environment by going further, with a direct action to make our environmental impact neutral.

This initiative allows Sustain Awards to reforest an area of 250.19 m² in Calahorra de Boedo, in the Boedo-Ojeda region, north of Palencia. This project will offset the emission of 5,000 kg of CO2, a figure calculated according to our trophy production. Equivalent to removing 397 cars from the roads for an entire day. Here you can check our profile on the platform and learn more details about this project.

This forest plan aims to restore the vegetation cover of a degraded area. In addition to preserving it, this action maintains biodiversity conservation and the multifunctionality of the forest as principles while maximizing the capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The forest reforested by Sustain Awards is divided into 3 zones, with an average of 1000 trees per hectare.

This agreement with Reforestum is supported by an agreement between the company, the Junta de Castilla y León, and the Calahorra de Boedo City Council.

The action represents a strong commitment from Sustain Awards to responsible corporate policy at all levels. Because we understand that an initiative of this kind is necessary as an example of an innovative organization that understands that the current context requires projects that demonstrate that we inhabit an environment with finite resources, and that economic and environmental circularity is an imperative for us.