Participation trophies are a reward for the best athlete or team in the competition. Behind that award lies significant individual and collective effort. The goal for which a team dedicates itself and constantly surpasses itself. Winning the trophy is the goal, the reward for all that hard work. And what better prize than to lift a trophy with a customized, unique, and singular design. A professional and quality design that exemplifies all those values.

Trophies for Sports Championships

At Sustain Awards, we are leaders in the design and custom manufacturing of trophies for sports championships. Our awards, made from recycled materials under principles of eco-design and sustainable development, meet the needs of any tournament and sporting event.

Among others, we boast having been selected to design the European Handball Cup Trophy, known as the Champions of this sport. And also the Europe League trophy of the same sport, the second most important European competition in this discipline. A wonderful honor and pride.

The European Handball Federation (EHF) selected our design from 27 entries from 12 European countries. These trophies, according to the competition's organization, are aimed at changing the history of this sport.

The design of the award represents a goal reflecting the dynamic movement of the ball. A goal scored by one player but in which the whole team participates, conveying the idea that handball is a team sport. The net in the shape of a shield symbolizes the necessary connection among players on a team, embodying camaraderie, dedication, and the collaboration of the sport.

trophies for championships

A Champions' Award

The European Handball Cup is the top European handball competition among clubs. A tournament held annually since the 1956-1957 season, featuring the best teams from the major European handball leagues.

The most decorated team in the competition is FC Barcelona, with ten awards, followed by Germany's VfL Gummersbach with five. It was precisely FC Barcelona that was the first team to lift our trophy, in the 2020-21 season, after defeating Aalborg HB from Denmark by 36-23.

Furthermore, Sustain Awards was also selected to design and manufacture the trophy for the second European handball competition. An award with a design that also seeks to communicate the values of handball as a team sport.

This trophy was first lifted by Les Neptunes de Nantes (France) in the women's category, and by SC Magdeburg (Germany) in the men's category.

Contributing to the evolution of this sport through our specialty as trophy designers is a great satisfaction. An incentive to continue working to improve our products and ensure that the values of sport serve as an example to as many people as possible.