What are the world's best trophies? The most coveted? Those that athletes and fans dream of seeing their team lift. And the most valuable? Did you know that the FIFA World Cup is valued at $20 million? Made of gold, it is the most valuable trophy in the world of sports.

In the collective imagination, there are many other iconic trophies that we will detail with some examples. However, individually, we may have been awarded trophies or prizes that hold special meaning for us because they remind us of a significant moment or experience in our lives.

In the case of Sustain Awards, for example, it is particularly gratifying that our trophies take on meaning for the people who receive them. This is one of the most exciting parts of this work. That's why, for us, ours are the best trophies in the world, because they are an experience shared with you.

the best trophies

Some of the Best Trophies in Sports

The collective imagination of trophies refers to stellar moments in the history of sports. When we talk about the World Cup, how can we not think of Maradona's "Hand of God" or Iniesta's goal that crowned Spain as champions.

Here are some significant trophies from the world of sports:

  • European Handball Cup: EHF, the European Handball Federation, selected the project presented by Sustain Awards to design the new trophy for the competition. Our award was the winner among 27 agencies from 12 European countries that submitted their bids to design and manufacture the new trophies for the European Handball Cup. This trophy is destined to change the history of this sport.

    A design, as always, made entirely from recycled materials and the principles of eco-design and sustainable development that govern the productions of Sustain Awards. In addition, EHF also chose us to design the new trophy for the Europa League, the second most important handball competition on the continent.

  • Davis Cup and Wimbledon: the Davis Cup is a unique competition in terms of tennis. Except for the Olympics, it is the only kind in which competition is not individual but by teams in the form of national teams. Its trophy is popularly known as the "salad bowl" due to its original shape. The Wimbledon championship is another unique competition in this sport, a classic that does not age. The tournament has been held in London since 1877 and is the only Grand Slam played on grass. It is legendary how the grass looks in its full glory at the beginning of the competition, only to show signs of wear over the rounds. It is the wonderful and unique charm of Wimbledon.

  • Larry O'Brien Trophy: is awarded to the champion of the NBA Finals, named in honor of league commissioner Larry O'Brien. The trophy is made with 6.5 kilograms of silver alloy and coated in 24-karat gold. Its design features a basketball about to enter a hoop, manufactured by the company Tiffany & Co.